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Rates & Requirements for Wisconsin Title Bonds:

  • No Credit Check required for amounts up to $30,000.
  • Minimum Premium: $100
  • Rate: 1.5%
  • Instant Issue: Up to $30,000
  • Amount Required: 1.5X The value of the vehicle as determined by the local DMV

If you do not have proof of ownership (a title) for your boat, motor vehicle, motorhome, mobile home, motorcycle or other titled property, you can provide the State of Wisconsin with a Certificate of Title Bond in order to replace your lost, stolen, damaged or defective title. You will be able to register your vehicle with this new title. The minimum bond amount required in Wisconsin is $2,500.

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Common Questions

What is a Wisconsin motor vehicle lost title bond?

Wisconsin statute 342.12 requires individuals who own vehicles with missing titles to file a surety bond to verify ownership for registration. The bond form is titled ” Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Lost Title Bond,” but most people refer to these bonds as “certificate of title bonds” or just ” title bonds” The title surety bond protects any prior owner or subsequent purchaser from expenses, losses, or damages resulting from certificate of title issuance.

How much does a Wisconsin lost title bond cost?

Wisconsin lost title bond costs start at $100 for the state-required 5-year term. The exact cost will vary depending on the surety bond amount required by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

  • Bond amounts up to $6,000 cost $100.
  • Bond amounts from $6,001 to $50,000 cost $15 for every $1,000 of coverage, starting at $100.
  • Bond amounts more than $50,000 must be reviewed by an underwriter for pricing, starting at $750.

The Wisconsin Lost Title Bond costs either $100 or 1.5% of the bond amount, whichever is greater (rates may vary for bonds greater than $25,000).

How do I get a Wisconsin certificate of title bond?

You can purchase your Wisconsin certificate of title bond online 24/7. You must provide the following information for Department of Transportation approval.

  • vehicle owner name
  • address
  • vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • year
  • make

Once your payment is received, your official title surety bond documents will be delivered to your email instantly.

Why do you need a Wisconsin lost vehicle title bond?

By filing a Wisconsin certificate of title bond, you verify you’re the sole legal owner of your vehicle. If this is not the case and a valid claim is filed against your bond, the surety company will pay harmed individuals up to the full bond amount, which you must reimburse as the bonded vehicle owner. The following vehicle types are eligible for a bonded title.

  • automobiles
  • sports utility vehicles (SUVs)
  • light trucks less than 8,000 pounds
  • farm trucks less than 12,000 pounds
  • motorcycles
  • mopeds
  • campers and mobile homes under 40 feet

A Wisconsin certificate of title bond is required for vehicle registration. If you plan to sell vehicles, a Wisconsin motor vehicle dealer bond is required.

Who is Required to Purchase a Bond?

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation requires title applicants to purchase a surety bond if the applicant cannot present the department with tangible proof that they own the vehicle and are unable to contact the vehicle’s previous owner. Lost title bonds are typically required for the following reasons:

  • The vehicle has never been titled
  • The applicant never received the title
  • The previous owner never titled the vehicle
  • The applicant has the title but there is an error in the title transfer
  • The applicant purchased an unclaimed/abandoned vehicle and is not a bonded agent

Who registers vehicles in Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation enforces registration requirements for missing vehicle titles. If you have questions about your bonded title application, call 1(608)264-7447 or contact your local DMV Customer Service Center.

How do I determine my bond amount?

Wisconsin statute requires your bond amount to be 1.5 times your vehicle value as determined by the Department of Transportation. If you need help determining your required bond amount, contact the DOT before purchasing your bond.

Is a Credit Check Required for the Wisconsin Lost Title Bond?

We do not conduct a credit check for bonds that are less than $25,000. At limits over $25,000, we will review your standing to determine the qualification and rates for the bond.

How do I update or change my lost title bond form?

If the Wisconsin Department of Transportation requires your car title bond documentation to be updated for any reason, contact your surety provider.

The most common changes for these bonds are the vehicle owner’s name or specific vehicle information.

Do Wisconsin bonded titles expire?

Yes, Wisconsin motor vehicle lost title bonds expire 5 years from issuance and do not renew.

How do I Apply for a Bonded Title in Wisconsin?

To apply for a bonded title, complete the following steps:

  1. Consult the DOT
    Bonded title applicants in Wisconsin should consult the Department of Transportation prior to purchasing a surety bond. Wisconsin does not require all title applicants to obtain a bonded title, and usually only does so as an absolute last resort. Title applicants should ensure that they actually need a bond before purchasing one.
  2. Complete the Application
    After consulting the DOT, bonded title applicants should complete the application and mail it to the following address:
    Vehicle Research Unit Wisconsin
    Department of Transportation
    P.O. Box 8070
    Madison, WI 53708-8070Bonded title applicants must complete the application in its entirety, and submit the following items:

    • Title and License Plate application
    • Bill of sale or previously issued title/registration documents (if available)
    • Pictures of the vehicle showing all four sides and the VIN
    • If no VIN the applicant must have their vehicle inspected by law enforcement
    • Written statement detailing how the applicant came into possession of the vehicle
  3. Purchase a Surety Bond
    The DOT will review the bonded title application and inform the applicant of the vehicle’s value. Bonded title applicants must purchase and maintain a surety bond in an amount equal to one and a half times the vehicle’s value. The state advises to use the eMV Public Online Title and Registration Application to have your bonded title application reviewed in 3 days or less. You can also mail your bonded title application, but the state advises that mailed applications are reviewed within 14 days.

How Do Wisconsin Bonded Title Applicants File Their Bond?

In Wisconsin, bonded title applicants should mail the completed bond form, including the power of attorney, to the following address:

Vehicle Research Unit Wisconsin
Department of Transportation
P.O. Box 8070
Madison, WI 53708-8070

The Wisconsin Lost Title Surety Bond requires signatures from both the surety company that issues the bond and the bonded title applicant. The surety company should include the following information on the bond form:

  • The legal name and address entity/individual(s) buying the bond
  • Surety company’s name and address
  • Bond amount
  • Vehicle information
  • Date the bond is signed
  • Witness signatures for the principal and surety company

What Are the Insurance Requirements for Bonded Title Applicants in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin requires all motor vehicle owners to purchase auto insurance with the following minimum limits:

  • $10,000 per person
  • $25,000 per accident
  • $50,000 property damage per accident

Bonded title applicants must purchase and maintain a surety bond in an amount equal to one and a half times the vehicle’s value.

How Can Wisconsin Residents Avoid Claims Against Their Lost Title Bond?

To avoid claims against their bond, bonded title applicants in Wisconsin must ensure that they are the rightful owners of the motor vehicle.