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Answers to all of your questions about Title Bonds lost, damaged, stolen, and defective Titles.

What is a Title Bond?

A title for your vehicle, boat, trailer, etc. provides proof of ownership to entities that require it (like insurance companies and state governing bodies). In the case of your state, the title is generally required to register your vehicle (or boat, trailer, etc.). If your original title has become lost, stolen, damaged, or defective, you may be required to obtain a Certificate of Title Bond in lieu of the original title.

How Much Does A Title Bond Cost?

A title bond usually costs 1.5% of the bond amount required. The bond amount required is based on the value your vehicle (according to your local DMV or a nationally recognized agency).

Can I get Title Bond if I have bad credit?

Title bonds under $30,000 do not require a credit check.

How do I get a Title Bond?

To apply for your title bond, you will need the following information:

  • Your Name and Address
  • Year, Make & Model of Vehicle
  • Vehicle VIN # or Serial #

How long does it take to get my Title Bond?

You are emailed a digital copy immediately, and your physical copy is mailed the same day.

What if there is a lien on the vehicle?

If the vehicle has a lien, the lien-holder is the owner, and you may not get a Title Bond.

What do I do with my Title Bond?

Once you have your Original Title Bondyou can go to the DMV and apply for your vehicle title.

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